Run Your Car On Water – Is Alternative Fuel Harmful For Your Car? – how to modif car

People always have been under undue stress for the ever rising price of gasoline. For quite a long time, search for an alternative form of fuel to run automobiles has been on. If you are not aware of the latest automotive news, then this article is meant to congratulate you with the information of some recent development as a result of a great deal of research on part of the scientists.Today it is a fact that you can use your tap water as an alternative to the petrol, diesel, or gasoline that you have so far been using as the fuel for your car. It certainly does not mean that you pour water instead of the oil in the gas tanks and start your car. Here, you have to remodel your car engine to suit the purpose and add a few other components along with water that will drive the car.You need to add a small water tank or jar to your car if you need to run your car on water. We all know that water is a compound and it is made of hydrogen and oxygen. H2O or water turns into oxy-hydrogen gas or HHO after electrolysis. It means the compound changes after it gets electrified. The electricity is derived from the existing battery of your car. The oxyhydrogen gas is flammable and you need to channel the gas to the gas tank of your car.This process will produce enough energy and you can run your car on the energy that comes from water. It saves a lot of your hard earned money that you spend as fuel charges. You need to make some slight modifications to the engine of your car because common engines cannot run on this system. Your car needs specially designed equipment to make use of this alternative fuel. Now, the question arises as to whether it is safe for your car to run on waterpower. You would perhaps also like to know about the advantages and disadvantages once you start running your car on waterpower.People think that the new alternative system may harm their car. When they convert a car that is made to run on gasoline to a car that runs on water, it is natural that many people will have a rather edgy feeling about the entire proposition. Experts however, have something very different to say about this new innovation. They are of the opinion that such an alternative system does not cause any harm to the car.Even if there is any harm, it is of a very small intensity and leaves the car without any serious negative impact. The technology that is used for this purpose is not at all harmful. It actually uses electricity to break down water into oxygen and hydrogen atoms and form the inflammable oxy-hydrogen gas and uses external devices to produce the energy. Therefore, it will never have damaging impact on the car.One of the most important things about the system is that this alternative idea guarantees reversible service. If you do not feel comfortable with this service, you can always get back to the previous stage at anytime that you want. The entire system is quite simple and the service providers will teach you how to protect your car from any type of hazard that may be caused if you use the car that runs on the latest water technology.